Technical Support

JGI is committed to providing world-class technical support for its industrial customers around the world. We know how important cost and quality are to you as you bring your finished products to market, so we keep those things at the top of our mind as we provide technical services to you.

If you choose to allow JGI to assist with your formulation work, a typical R&D project begins with a discussion about goals and objectives:

  • What are your specific goals for this project?
  • Is cost-reduction the main motivation for using our ingredient?
  • Are you trying to improve nutrition? In what way, and to what degree?
  • What is the minimum level of inclusion that you will accept in a replacement project?
  • Are there allergen concerns?

Before we begin assisting you, we will be sure we understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish, and give our feedback on what is reasonable to expect. Once the objectives have been discussed and goals have been set, JGI will go to work. We can use one of our house formulations, or we can use a formula provided by the customer. In either case, we strive to provide a formulation to the customer that meets or exceeds the goals that have been established.